Memories of our school days are mostly remembered through rose-tinted glasses!

Although, perhaps you remember spending your afternoons wriggling and writhing, contorting into all sorts of odd positions in your seat in a continuous cycle, to keep comfortable?

There is no doubt that in the education sector budgets are always on a shoestring, with the priorities on the education of students. However, studies show that the comfort with which a student sits will affect their learning ability, so comfortable yet firm back and seat support is essential.

Re-upholstery can extend the life of a chair by many years while giving assurance that pupils are comfortable, and can enjoy their educational experience.

High levels of traffic in classrooms, meeting halls, and cafeterias can often lead to seating becoming worn, dirty, and uncomfortable very quickly, which is why Chair Doctor uses only the hardest wearing contract fabrics and foams when working in the education sector. Cleanliness is also vital, so we use the latest developments in antimicrobial and antibacterial materials.

Understandably, school or college can’t just stop functioning because the chairs need to be reupholstered. We offer a collection and delivery service. We often carry out these services out-of-hours or during the holiday periods, to minimise the resulting disruption.


Reupholstering an entire auditorium can be a considerable investment, but if you compare this to cost of replacement and the extended life of the venue, surely reupholstery is a sound investment.

A theatre or lecture hall draws heavily on it’s seating. Visitor shall spend most of their time in Their seat, so of course the cleanliness and quality of the seating decide whether they have a positive experience or not, becoming an essential factor in whether they return or recommend.

At Chair Doctor, we will work in a way best suited to our customer. When it comes to large venues, we can either remove seating and take it away to be reupholstered and repaired, or work on-site to speed up the process if a quick turnaround is required. In addition to this, we can work on small batches of chairs at a time.

Chair Doctor ensures that fabrics and fillings comply with fire-retardancy standards. The safety of staff, customers, and students are of paramount importance, so being compliant with the relevant regulations should always be a high priority. 

Chair Doctor’s team can expertly refurbish your school, University or College chairs and seating by:

  • Replacing fabric coverings (damaged, worn or outdated)
  • Replacing Foams (sagging, uncomfortable or rotten)
  •  Fixing or replacing Springs and Mechanisms