A Chair Doctor Audit aims to optimise your investment by ensuring your office chairs are kept in peak condition.

Our chair audit service is designed to prolong the life of your office chairs. Regular maintenance ensures the maximum level of comfort and support for as long as possible, preventing unnecessary replacement by fixing minor repairs before it becomes a problem. 

During the audit, our skilled chair technicians will evaluate the chair based on functionality, Structural Integrity, visual appearance, and if required, ergonomics. The technician shall assess, identify, and report any risk based on the above factors. Warranty stickers will be attached to each chair.  A documented report will then follow detailing the status of every chair which is categorised into four sections as follows:

  1. Fit for purpose – No action required
  2. Standard maintenance – Requires repair
  3. Refurbish – Requires re-upholster or replacement parts
  4. Replacement Recommended – Replace with either refurbished or new chairs.

We can supply an improved option, matched to your existing furniture and office colour scheme.

What do you get for your money with a Chair Doctor Audit?

Seating technicians will visit at a time suitable to your needs, including weekends to prevent disruption to your office.

We will 

  • Send a detailed report on the status and recommendations 
  • Attach identifying warranty sticker to every chair 
  • Safety check each chair
  • Make minor adjustments and repairs
  • Document status of each chair
  • Report if re-upholstery or replacement parts are required and cost accordingly
  • Recommend and quote for replacement or refurbished chairs where necessary
  • Return to complete actions required to complete audit

What gets checked in a chair audit?

Our chair technician will carefully assess each of the chair’s parts for functionality and condition.

Chair Doctor specialises in office chairs and can offer advice on ergonomic chairs, including heavy-duty office chairs designed for 24-hour use.

Let us help you make your office a safer and more productive workplace. Through our office chair audit, our onsite technicians will assess the ergonomics and working conditions of your chairs. A detailed report of your office furniture audit will be provided to help you decide if your chairs need repair or replacement.

Our office furniture audit reports determine how well your equipment meet your ergonomic objectives. The results of the audit can help you increase productivity in the workplace while fostering a healthier workplace for all.

Schedule an office chair audit now by contacting the office by phone or email, and we shall guide you through the process